Tuesday, 16 January 2018

As the story goes, Felda is okay now what

I was told that the reporters cheered when TS Shahrir Samad yesterday announced that,

Tanah Jalan Semarak kembali 

kepada FELDA tanpa kos

By the way, that's the link to the story by Berita Harian, the newspaper which first triggered the issue with its "exclusive" last month.

As I predicted,  in the end,

Shahrir the saviour of Felda

Earlier, before the 4pm press conference, Shahrir insisted that,

Felda only wants its land back


“I just want the land. We have never discussed stopping the project. The project is the project, the land is the land. I’m not questioning the development agreement.”

However, everyone knows that the land deal and the KLVC project are connected.

Come on la, why did Felda gave the land to the developer in the first place at the start of the saga in 2014?

Shahrir, for one, should know.

According to Big Dog in his latest post,

FELDA’s fortification from land being flogged off


It is most likely, SPSB needed the land to be transferred with their name as the new land owner in order to gain financing for the project.

It is the regular practice that financial institutions encumber land as part of the condition to give finance to a property development project.

Now, without the land to gain financing, can the developer be able to continue with the KLVC project?

Theoretically they can, but in reality, I think it would be very tough for them to continue with it.

Their name has been tainted very badly after the matter was made public.

Many now see the developer and others in Felda back then as being together in trying to steal the land.

So, I highly doubt that the developer will proceed with the project.

They simply have to cut their losses.

And when that happened, a new developer will take over the KLVC project.

Just watch out who is going to be this new developer.

Only then this whole nonsense will make some real sense.

As I first wrote about this issue,

It doesn't really affect the Felda settlers, actually.

Just a bunch of greedy people trying to get a bigger piece of the pie.

They were just using negative public sentiment generated by the issue to get what they want.

But of course the opposition exploited this issue to the maximum.

That comes naturally lah.

You all should have seen how people commented about it in the social media even after the announcement yesterday that everything is okay now.

I wonder how many votes BN and Umno are going to lose just because of this nonsense.

Well, too bad for BN and Umno on this one.

They simply have to work extra hard to repair the damage now that the general election is just a few months for now.

I think it's going to be tough. Once people have set their mind on something, it's quite hard to change it within such a short period of time.

Good luck to them lah.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Elite boarding schools, now and back then

Visited my cousin at his school yesterday.

He enrolled at the boarding school in Putrajaya the previous week.

It's one of those schools for high achievers.

I attended a similar school in Seremban many years ago.

I didn't do very well in school but was better after that in college.

My cousin was still adapting to the environment and the orientation week was still ongoing.

He's learning to be independent and taking care of himself.

Learning how to wash his own clothes, making his own bed and such things. Those used to be taken cared for him by his guardians.

It's a good learning process.

Very much like I used to go through when I went to the boarding school at Form One.

However, the facilities at my cousin's school are very much better.

The students have washing machines, dryers, ironing equipment etc.

The school area also looked spacious and the dormitories are very well maintained.

I didn't check the classrooms and other study facilities but I guess they are of the same good standards.

My school back then was more spartan.

Life was tough for me those five years I was there.

However, my school had been relocated to a new place and provided better accommodations.

My former schoolmates told me that it's now as good as the other elite schools such as the one attended by my cousin.

I never visit my school after the relocation.

Yesterday, I also noticed that parents visiting their children looked quite well off.

Their cars are mostly Honda and Toyota.

There were also some Mercedes.

Well, I was driving my dad's Proton.

Back then during my schooldays, parents hardly visit their children in boarding school.

Most of the parents were not people with money and stay far away from the school.

Quite a number of them were from rural areas.

Even my parents actually only visited me just once during my five years there. No kidding.

But I'm okay with it because I know that they were busy.

Yesterday, the visiting parents and their kids were mostly having a picnic.

Most were having pizza.

I really think they are mostly quite well off.

Middle class, probably.

Well, they do seemed better than us from back then.

All in all, from the way I see those parents and their kids, things are quite good for them.

At least better than my time at school.

Okay, that's all for this weekend.

Need to clean up my room now.


Friday, 12 January 2018

Shahrir the saviour of Felda...whatever (updated)


Please also read

Felda revokes power of attorney it gave to developer


Had a chat with friends yesterday when one of them asked me what did I hope to achieve by asking this question,

Shahrir, are you in cahoot with the gang trying to take over the KLVC project?

I told him that I was not trying to achieve anything except maybe to irritate Shahrir and the gang a bit.

I'm not pretentious, okay.

Mine is after all just an insignificant anonymous blog written by an airhead, right?

Anyway, I told my friends that nothing can stop the gang from taking over the KLVC project in the first place.

They had set their mind on it, planned it and had proceeded with it.

The ball is already rolling.

Bear also in mind that the gang members are so very powerful that newspaper editors, who are supposed to be men with integrity kiss their ass just to survive.

That's how they planted the story in Berita Harian which started all the havoc.

That's also probably why not many want to write about this nonsense.

Takut kena black listed rasanya.

The gang definitely don't really care about the damage done to BN and Umno on the ground at the Felda settlements as the opposition exploited the Jalan Semarak land deal issue which was created by them for their scheming.

Well, never mind. That's none of my business anyway. Ni saja aku tulis suka-suka.

I bet that once the gang has taken over the KLVC project, Shahrir will make an announcement that he has saved the Felda land and the Media Prima newspapers will hail him as a hero of some sorts.

Shahrir, the Mr Clean has saved Felda. Yay!

And everything will be fine again.

And the Felda settlers will be happy with the explaination.The newspapers will do nice stories with interviews of them praising Shahrir as the saviour of Felda.

Agaknya lah. The plan supposed to be like that, I think.


Lebih baik aku dengar lagu. Another favourite song of an autistic boy, actually


Wednesday, 10 January 2018

Shahrir, are you in cahoot with the gang trying to take over the KLVC project?

This is an interesting development of the Felda land deal issue,

Felda land deal profitable, board had full knowledge

excerpts 1;

According to the daily newspaper, all decisions pertaining to the June 2014 deal were made by FIC without the knowledge of Felda’s directors until they were informed about it in September of that year.
However, a source with intimate knowledge of the deal told The Mole today that the Felda board had endorsed it on the very day they were officially informed about the deal and then re-endorsed it on June 3, 2015.
(This is about the Berita Harian story which I believe was planted by the gang to create havoc so that they can take over the project)

excerpts 2;

Ever since the Berita Harian report, Felda chairman Tan Sri Shahrir Abdul Samad has been pulling out all the stops to undo the deal although SPSB is said to have not found to have committed any breach of contract.
The source pointed out that the FIC-SPSB agreement was drafted in such a way that it is practically irrevocable, unless SPSB has breached it.
The exact wordings of the conditions for a breach are as follows:
“The parties hereto agree that FIC shall be entitled to terminate this agreement in the event the master developer fails and/or omits and/or neglects to complete the said project within ten years from the date of the first development order and the land conversion to the category of land use commercial, whichever is later.”
(Why is Shahrir going all out to revoke the project after the BH story came out and insisted that it must be undone even before the forensic audit started? In fact, he said Felda had lost the land before PM said it has not lost the land. I'm begining to suspect that Shahrir was in cahoot with those trying to take over the project because of this)

excerpts 3;

Shahrir had portrayed the deal as a total loss for Felda but according to the source, FIC in fact is set to gain at least half a billion ringgit from it.
The source quoted the minutes of the 10th FIC board meeting on April 29, 2014, as such: “It was resolved that the company (FIC) do hereby accept the offer by SPSB on the proposed minimum guaranteed return (MGR) of RM500 million or 10 per cent of the gross development value, whichever is higher.
“The first payment of RM10 million being part of the MGR shall be paid within one month from the date of signing of the property development agreement.”
The estimated value of the land is RM200 million.
(Yes Shahrir, why did you say Felda didn't get a single sen from the deal?  Why did you try to make things look so bad that the issue became the latest weapon of the opposition with the general election just around the corner? Are you any better than Isa Samad?)

Please also read my first posting on this issue;

- Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there's nothing wrong with the deal. That's the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had checked on it much before BH broke the story.

- The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

- These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

And these greedy people trying to take over the KLVC project are still at it.

Just read the headlines of Media Prima newspapers on the issue which didn't show any real interest to correct the perception that the Felda land deal was so bad even after Najib said Felda didn't lose the land.

The latest that I heard was that this gang of eunuchs had already prepared two set of documents to revoke the land deal and stop the KLVC project even before the forensic audit has been completed. And they also have already set up some people to be the black sheeps for the whole thing.

Despite being close to Najib, these people don't seem to care that BN and Umno are bleeding support among the Felda settlers because of this issue which they created to take over the project.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

PKR's palace intrigues - knives out for Azmin

This is a headline at Malaysia Chronicle yesterday;



(It's a blocked site but I managed to get around it courtesy of Jebat Must Die...hehehe)

Malaysian Chronicle is a pro-PKR website. Many believed that it's run by Tian Chua.

Well, maybe it's been taken over by Rafizi, thus such a headline. You know lah that boy and Azmin like what.

The story itself is actually not as fearsome as the headline.

Just quotes from PKR leaders supporting Pakatan's decision to nominate Dr Mahathir as PM candidate and other stuff decided at Pakatan's convention over the weekend. Nothing to do with Azmin, really.

Quite weird actually to put such a headline.

That's why I think the media will not improve if Pakatan takes over Putrajaya.

Anyway, guess they are really going to kill Azmin off after GE14.

That's quite a pity because I thought Azmin is one of the country's hope for the future. Same like KJ, Chin Tong, Sallahudin Ayub, Mukhriz, and such.

I wrote several times about Azmin and his potentials;

The opposition leader who can reunite them

A little issue and Azmin being the best PM candidate

Pakatan's new hope

Well, just like Umno, PKR also has its own palace intrigues, complete with diva princesses, scheming concubines and insidious greedy eunuchs.

Watch some Korean period drama la if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Azmin is like a crown prince and Rafizi is like his pesky little brother who wants to grab the throne for himself. Something like that.

Everyone scheming against each others even before the real fight with the real enemy begins.

So typical.

Eh, need to go to work now.

I ll try to write again later.


Monday, 8 January 2018

Old people still want to play


Mahathir is Pakatan’s PM candidate



Saifuddin said also stated in the agreement was on the legal process that would be initiated to obtain a Royal Pardon for Pakatan Harapan’s de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim after the opposition pact took over the country’s administration.
“This is to ensure Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim can immediately play a role in the federal government and then to be appointed as the 8th prime minister,” he said.

Honestly, I feel that this is a bit of a let down.

Can't they at least said once Dr Mahathir steps down as PM,  he'll be replaced by a credible young leader instead of Anwar?

PKR is still all about Anwar as PM, is it?

Isn't it by right about a better Malaysia?

Really, I was hoping yesterday for Pakatan to name Azmin as PM candidate and Mukhriz as his potential deputy.

That would have been much better.

Such a Pakatan move would likely force BN to push up younger and more credible people in their ranks to take over from the older and much tainted leaders. .

Well, if I have my way, I want this country to be run by good younger people.

The older people should just rest.

And they can put aside their baggages too.

This is what I previously wrote about my wish on this matter;


Let's say I have been given the chance to set a single rule for the next general election.

What I would do is to ban everyone above 60 from actively taking part in it, except voting.

Everyone above that age limit can't become a candidate or even campaign for the election in any way.

They must sit quietly at home and only vote on polling day.

Really. I think the older people should leave it to the young ones to fix the country, if it needs to be fixed. The older people should ideally just help out with things instead of continuing bossing people around.

But of course it's not going to happen that way.

It's going to be the same old faces fighting over the same old issues all over again.

They really don't know when to let go of things, don't they?

Well, never mind.

Stupid Malaysian politics like that lah.

We have no choice but to simply go with the flow.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

A good suggestion and a bit on Felda land

I'm not well and not really in the mood to write.

Just want to highlight this comment which I received just now because I think it's interesting;

Memang betul bn personalities mostly memang macam sial; especially yg suka menonjolkan siri for the wrong reason dan cakap merapu tanpa berfikir. I do like Mat Hassan of NS and Zambry of Perak.

Ph personalities pun tak kurang macam sial nya jugak. Rafizi huh..dia aje cerdik. I prefer Tony Pua. Tapi ph has more sensible words than bn. But get this - i used to despise LGE but today he proves capable.

Memang betul dah dekat 20 tahun Malaysia berkelahi sama sendiri. Semua gila nak berkuasa termasuk pelakon terbaik di Sg.Buloh tu. Bila berkuasa gerenti salahguna kuasa. Azmin hmm dua kali lima aje. Dia inherit Khalid good work yang lain politik sampah jugak.

My bet goes to the younger DAP reps and Amanah reps

Annie, let's personalities yg rakyat Malaysia boleh terima memimpin. Keparat2 yg dah memang macam sial cakap dan perangai ni hambuskan. Macam KJ ni boleh la kasi chance subject to dia polish telor sendiri danjangan polish telor orang lain. H2O..buang terus. Dua duit pun tak berguna. Suruh dia pergu asah dan asapkan keris umno yg dah berkarat.

Quite a good suggestion, don't you think?

By the way, I think I got it right when I wrote this;
- Everyone who should know about the deal, knew about it from day one. Nothing was said about it because everyone agreed that there's nothing wrong with the deal. That's the reason why MACC was quick to say there was no element of corruption in the deal. They knew it much earlier and had checked on it much before BH broke the story.

- The whole brouhahah was actually started by a bunch of people who were unhappy because the land deal leads to other deals which benefit a gang of people, believed to be linked with Isa. They were unhappy because they were left out of it, actually.

- These unhappy people, who have a degree of control over Media Prima are the ones who told BH to break the story which triggered all the noises.

- Shahrir responded to it because.....well, Shahrir is Shahrir.....he simply has to say something.

- All in all, this is just another palace intrigue. A struggle for power and profits between one gang of eunuchs against another gang of eunuchs. Something like that.

Read Rocky's
The salient points:
Para 7:
The PM says report(s) that claimed the Felda land in Semarak had been lost were inaccurate.
Para 4&5:
The PM had directed Felda on Dec 11, 10 days before the BH broke the story  to:
(a) determine if there was abuse of power or/and corruption in the procedures for KL Vertical City, the ongoing project on the Felda Semarak land and
(b) lodge a police report

Rocky also asked,
The MACC has ruled OUT any element of corruption in the deal between FIC and Synergy Promenade (No elements of graft in Felda land transfer, says MACC - Dec 21) so we are looking at other "elements", if anything at all. Refer to Para 8: IF the audit firm and the police find any form of misappropriation, the Government will take legal action.

What if the audit firm and the police don't find anything?

What if the deal wasn't "dubious" as reported?

Well, if the whole nonsense is really just nonsense (which I believe it is), then Najib should know that his eunuchs are having another round of bullshit fighting among themselves for their personal wealth and interests at the expense of BN and Umno. I believe one gang of the eunuchs pushed for an investigation on the deal and to make sure the whole thing goes their way, they ordered a story on it to be published in Berita Harian. Now Najib should also know that those ass kissers at Media Prima are willing to publish fake and misleading news in their newspapers, which are damaging to BN and Umno just to please those self serving eunuchs.
Kalau Najib tak nampak juga, aku tak tau la nak kata apa lagi. 

Shit...past 2am now. 
I better get some sleep.
Need to take those medication first...this coughing is killing me.